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List of Figures

  1. First proposed layout of ALIS
  2. Proposed layout of Swe-ALIS
  3. Fields-of-view and station baseline
  4. Map of the present ALIS
  5. The NIPU
  6. The ALIS Control Centre
  7. Block-diagram of the ALIS Control Centre
  8. The ALIS Operations Centre
  9. Quantum efficiency vs. wavelength for the SI-003AB CCD
  10. $ \mathit{SNR}$ vs. column emission
  11. $ \mathit{SNR}$ vs. integration time
  12. The effect of on-chip binning
  13. Dividing a full-frame CCD into sub-arrays.
  14. The six ALIS imagers
  15. Schematic diagram of the optical system
  16. The six-position filter wheel
  17. Electronics for the filter wheel and CPS
  18. The Camera Positioning System
  19. ALIS preset camera positions projected to 110 km altitude
  20. Block diagram of ALIS imager subsystems
  21. Coordinates and notation for the CCD in the ALIS Imager
  22. Calibration sources used for ALIS calibration
  23. Column emission rates for the calibrators
  24. Example filter transmittance curve
  25. Typical ALIS background image
  26. Block diagram of OPERA
  27. Station software
  28. An example of the difficulties of auroral image classification.
  29. Geometry of the HF pump-enhanced airglow experiments
  30. Maximum and average column emission time series as seen from four stations
  31. Sequence of airglow images from the Silkkimuotka ALIS station
  32. A series of images of enhanced 6300 Å airglow
  33. Results of triangulation of the maximum volume emission.
  34. Triangulation of the displacement of the two peaks in Figure 6.4
  35. Fabry-Perot interferometer measurements of the neutral wind at 240 km altitude.
  36. EISCAT UHF radar measurements of electron density
  37. Volume rendering of the artificially-enhanced airglow region above Tromsø
  38. Estimates of the $ O(^1D)$ excitation rates
  39. Estimated electron flux
  40. Estimated electron flux
  41. Auroral images from 16 February 1997
  42. Daytime auroral image
  43. PSC images and altitude profiles
  44. ALIS images of a meteor trail
  45. Projected meteor altitude profile
  46. Meteoroid altitude profiles
  47. Block diagram of the GLIP
  48. Transmittance curves for plexi-glass
  49. The GLIP in Tjautjas
  50. Detail of the GLIP dome
  51. Electrical installation of a GLIP
  52. Rear view of the Power Distribution Unit
  53. The Housekeeping Unit
  54. GPS-receiver
  55. The mobile imaging platform
  56. A digital colour all-sky camera
  57. Sample auroral image from the all-sky camera prototype
  58. Colour video frame of aurora with a meteor trail
  59. Block diagram of the upgraded GLIP
  60. Block diagram of future GLIPs
  61. A decentralised future ALIS

copyright Urban Brändström