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List of Tables

  1. ALIS time-line
  2. Example imager coverages
  3. Geographical coordinates of the ALIS stations
  4. ICCD parameters for the PAI
  5. Some CCD parameters for ccdcam5
  6. CCD-read noise at various pixel clocks
  7. Filter placement standard for ALIS
  8. Optional filters and their usage
  9. ALIS preset camera positions
  10. Preset DC-bias levels
  11. Total number of pixels and bias-pixels for the six ALIS imagers.
  12. Results from recent intercalibration workshops
  13. Ratios of calibration results
  14. Calibration results for ALIS
  15. Measured fields-of-view for the ALIS imagers
  16. Summary of image processing tools
  17. Summary of data analysis tools
  18. An auroral classification scheme
  19. Overview of HF pump-enhanced airglow experiments with ALIS
  20. Filters for meteor studies
  21. GLIP Acronyms
  22. Some CCD parameters for ccdcam1
  23. Some CCD parameters for ccdcam2
  24. Some CCD parameters for ccdcam3
  25. Some CCD parameters for ccdcam4
  26. Some CCD parameters for ccdcam5
  27. Some CCD parameters for ccdcam6
  28. GLIP Acronyms

copyright Urban Brändström