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[Svensk] Jag satte rehabilitation journal av min sjukdom (Guillain-Barre Syndrome: GBS). De flesta journalerna har svensk f"orklarning, men naagra bara i japansk/engelsk spraaket.

[English] Here you can find information of my disease (Guillain-Barre Syndrome: GBS), or more precisely, rehabilitation record from this disease since 2002. I hereby thank all colleagues, friends, workers, and others who directly or indirectly encouraged/helped/assisted me so that I recover from this sickness. I would like also express my appreciation to IRF organization and Swedish welfare system which provide the best working/life/rehabilitation conditions to me.
M. Yamauchi
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2011-10-18 milstolpe/nyheter (milestone/news)
2011-10-31 "oversikt (overview)
2008-11-3 foto (photo)
2004-11-18 EMG-test (EMG test)
2011-10-31 finger, hand, arm (finger, hand, arm)
2013-12-31 promenera (waking)
2014-10-31 bads"angen (pool)
2014-10-31 cykel (bicycle)
2014-11-17 film (movie)


Letter (2006-12-20) that describe how handicapped people unreasonably suffer from new working-hour regulation (11-hour regulation).

Brev (2007-4-3) att forslaag method f"orb"attra flygbiljeten f"or assistenter.

Ins"andare till DN (publiserade 2010-3-19) f"or ingen toa fr hadicapped i Arlanda terminal 4.
Lulea harvmaran paa rollator, 2011-5-21 (Lulea half marathon using walker).

L"anker till GBS sidan (Link to GBS-sites)
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