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The Auroral Large Imaging System
-Design, operation and scientific results

Urban Brändström
IRF Scientific Report 279, 2003
ISBN: 91-7305-405-4
© 2003 Urban Brändström
The thesis (Revision 2 25 April 2003), 228 printed:

Older revisions (available on request)

Errata for revision 2 issued 9 March 2006:

Errata for revision 1 and 2 issued 12 June 2003:

Nailing leaflet (Spikblad), with abstract, etc.:

Cover page:

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Printing of the final version started on 23 april 2003 at 13:00:00 UTC and ended on the 21 may 2003 at about 13.00 UTC. The thesis was printed by the author.

The thesis was reprinted in march 2006 by Torbjörn Lövgren. A new errata was then issued by the author (see above).

Information about the dissertation, party, etc.

Press releases:


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