Kiruna/Tjautjas/Lycksele riogram

Kiruna/Tjautjas/Lycksele realtime riometer data

The graphs are updated every 10th minute.

No realtime updates due to hardware failure

Before 25th April 2019 measurements in Kiruna was done by a riometer from La Jolla.
From 25th April 2019 30 and 38 MHz in Kiruna are extracted from RFsRio1 Wideband Spectral Riometer. From June 30th 2022 the riometer is situated in Tjautjas.
Log book Tjautjas
Kiruna riogram
Log book Lycksele
Lycksele riogram
Quiet day curve is generated according to this algorithm
Kiruna riogram with quiet day curve

Median filtered with 400 seconds window

Quiet day curve is generated according to this algorithm

Lycksele riogram median filtered

Power spectrum riometer Tjautjas


Access to digital data

To study processed data: KGD

Use http://www2.irf.se/rio-bin/digital-www-kir-volt?YYYY/MM/DD
Example: http://www2.irf.se/rio-bin/digital-www-kir-volt?2011/06/28
Todays data: http://www2.irf.se/rio-bin/digital-www-kir-today-volt

Data before 20100917: http://www2.irf.se/rio-bin/digital-www-lyc-volt-lt-20100917?2010/09/14
Data between 20100917-20100929: Data is corrupt.
Data after 20100930: http://www2.irf.se/rio-bin/digital-www-lyc-volt?2011/06/28
Todays data: http://www2.irf.se/rio-bin/digital-www-lyc-today-volt

Magnetometer recordings

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