M. Yamauchi (March 2010)
Name: Dr. M. Yamauchi (or Yama)
Position: Senior Scientist
Institution: Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF), Kiruna Division
Address: Box 812
SE-981 28 Kiruna
Phone: +46 980 79120
Fax: +46 980 79050
Mail: It is listed at IRF homepage at Kiruna
Research Topics:
  • atmospheric escape at present and its geological history (-present)
  • dynamics of radioactive dust derived from observations (2011-)
  • mass loading effect of both cold newly-born ions and hot escaping ions (2015-)
  • inner magnetosphere and ion return from space to Earth (-present)
  • management of Kiruna magnetometer and Abisko all-sky camera (-present)
  • Mars-Venus-Earth difference of bow shock and its upstream (-present)
  • roles of the ionosphere on large-scale magnetospheric dynamics and ancient Earth (-recent)
  • solar wind injection into the magnetosphere in dayside (-2003)
  • homochirality formation in the ancient Earth (-2001)
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