Name: Dr. Martin Wieser
Degrees: Swiss Federal Diploma in electronics, Switzerland, 1990
PhD in physics at the Physikalisches Institut, Space Research and Planetary Sciences, University of Bern, Switzerland, 2005
Awards: SPS Prize donnated by ISSI, Swiss Physical Society, 2005
Greinacher Prize 2012, Bern, Switzerland, 2012


2005 - presentSenior scientist, Institutet för rymdfysik, IRF, Kiruna, Sweden
1997 - 2005IT system engineer, Gewerblich-industrielle Berufsschule Bern, Switzerland
1994 - 1997Teacher in electronics and physics, Gewerblich-industrielle Berufsschule Bern, Switzerland
1990 - 1994Hardware engineer, Ascom Business Systems AG, Bern, Switzerland

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Dr Martin Wieser
Swedish Institute of Space Physics
(Institutet för rymdfysik, IRF) 
Bengt Hultqvists väg 1
SE-981 92 Kiruna

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Phone: +46 980 79198
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