Rickard N. A.  Lundin
Born in Lycksele, Sweden,  July 19, 1944.

Swedish Institute of Space Physics, IRF, P. O. Box 812,
S-981 28  Kiruna, Sweden
Phone: +46 980 79063;     
Fax: +46 980 79050;    

1.  Education

1977         PhD in Space Physics at the University of Umeå
1981         Docent  (Assistant Professor) in Space Physics at the University of Umeå.
1988         Professor in Experimental Space Plasma Physics at IRF
1989         Professor, Space Physics at IRF and the University of Umeå

2.  Employment

1971-74     Teaching assistant at the department of Physics, University of Umeå.
1974-77     Research assistant at the Kiruna Geophysical Institute.
1977          Staff scientist Kiruna Geophysical Institute / Swedish Institute of Space Physics.
1979          Visiting scientist at NOAA/Space Environment Laboratory in Boulder, Col., USA
1984          Visiting scientist at Lockheed Palo Alto Res. Laboratory, in Palo Alto, Cal., USA
1984-85     Visiting scientist at the J H U/Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel MD, USA
2001          Visiting scientist (5 months) at CNRS/CESR, Toulouse, France

1988-94      Assistant Director of the Swedish Institute of Space Physics.
1994-2003  Director of the Swedish Institute of Space Physics
2003 -         Program leader
Solar Terrestrial Physics

3.  Relevant Experience

4.  Teaching experience

Teacher's degree in Physics and Mathematics at the University of Umeå, 1970
Teaching assistant at the Department of Physics, University of Umeå, 1971-74
Supervision of Ph. D. students. 1989 - present.
Lecturer in Space Physics, Departements of Physics and Space Physics, University of Umeå, 1990 -

5. Research experience and awards

Author/coauthor of some 220 publications in the field of Space Plasma Physics in international journals.
Received the Wallmark award in 1983 from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for work on the composition of hot magnetospheric plasmas.

6. Miscellaneous

7. Selected publications

Lundin, R., K. Stasiewicz, and B. Hultqvist, On the interpretation of different flow vectors of different ion species in the magnetospheric boundary layer,  J. Geophys. Res.,92, 3214, 1987.
Lundin Rickard,  On the magnetospheric boundary layer and solar wind energy transfer into the magnetosphere, Space Sci. Rev., 48, 263, 1989.
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Lundin R. and L. Eliasson, Auroral Energization processes, Annales Geophysicae,  9, 202, 1991.
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Lundin, R., S. Barabash, H. Andersson, M. Holmström et al., Solar wind induced atmospheric erosion at Mars - First results from ASPERA-3 on Mars Express, Science, Vol 305, 1933, 2004

The Freja Mission, R. Lundin, G. Haerendel, and S. Grahn (eds), Kluwer Academic Publishers, ISBN 0-7923-3317-9, 1995.

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