polar atmospheric research

Troposphere / Stratosphere:

The lower-atmosphere part of this project concerns vertical transport and mixing processes between the stratosphere and free troposphere, and between the sea-ice surface and the free tropsphere, in the polar regions. Existing and new observations made by atmospheric radars in Kiruna, and at sites in Queen Maud Land , Antarctica (Wasa/Aboa, Troll, Maitri) are/will be used. High-resolution sondes, surface aerosol and trace gas measurements, are also used, in collaboration with Finnish , US , Norwegian and Indian scientists. Topics studied include mountain waves, inertia- gravity waves and the processes occurring during turbulent mixing. Public domain weather forecasting models and satellite remote sensing of trace gases are used to track air mass sources and destinations, and to examine the context of features observed in detail by the radars. Optimisation of radar techniques for boundary-layer measurements, and the development of accurate calibration methods are also included.

Responsible scientist: Prof. Sheila Kirkwood

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