polar atmospheric research


Long-term and solar-cycle changes in the middle and upper atmosphere

Objective: to determine how solar activity influences temperatures, winds, electric currents and minor constituents and to allow possible anthropogenic influences to be determined. Uses primarily measurements by the ESRAD and EISCAT radars, plus ground-based and balloon-borne measurements of atmospheric electric fields and currents.

Scientist in charge: Sheila Kirkwood
Details: http://www.irf.se/link/upper_atmosphere

Survey of nacreous clouds in the Kiruna area.

Objective: to determine whether nacreous clouds have changed in appearance or prevalence over the past few decades, and what is the relationship between nacreous clouds (seen by eye or photographed) and polar stratospheric clouds seen by lidar. The project is a cooperation with schools and local residents in Kiruna.

Scientist in charge at IRF: Sheila Kirkwood
Details: http://www.irf.se/link/nacreous_clouds
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