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Auroral pictures taken in Kiruna, Sweden

by Masatoshi Yamauchi (Swedish Institute of Space Physics)


         [IMG] nega-0330.jpg           100k  
         [IMG] nega-0406a.jpg          284k  
         [IMG] nega-0406e.jpg          200k  
         [IMG] nega-0410a.jpg          142k  
         [IMG] posi-0402.jpg           174k  
         [IMG] posi-0406b.jpg          113k  
         [IMG] posi-0406c.jpg          298k  
         [IMG] posi-0406d.jpg          130k  
         [IMG] sample-0406.jpg          76k  
         [IMG] sample-1126.jpg          46k  
         [IMG] sample-1217.jpg          9k  
These pictures can be used for non-commercial purposes after communication
with Masatoshi Yamauchi (, tel. +46-980-79120)         
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