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New PhD studentship (deadline for applications: 3 April 2006)

The Swedish Institute of Space Physics invites applicants for a PhD studentship position in Uppsala. The position is financed by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet, VR) and is devoted to studies of structure formation in the Geospace and Sun's environment. This topic was selected for funding by VR out of many other applications, in a very, very hard competition. This study will possibly be carried out in a broad international collaboration involving many leading European Universities and Research Centres.

Who can apply?
If you are interested to find answers to questions like these ...
- Why some auroral structures have thickness as small as 0.1 km while other are larger than 100 km?
- How the potential drops of 20 kV that accelerate auroral electrons are created?
- Why there are narrow loops and filamentary structures in the solar corona?
- How the solar corona is heated? Is there a final solution to this outstanding problem in astronomy?
- How solar flares are created?
- What is the role of solitons and shocks in these processes, and how they accelerate particles?
... then you should definitely apply for this position!

All PhD students in our group are members of the Department of Astronomy and Space Physics of the Uppsala University ( More information regarding PhD studies can be found at The applicant should have a MSc or equivalent in physics/astronomy/engineering and preferably some background in plasma physics and classical electrodynamics. The application may be sent electronically (preferably as a single PDF file), or by mail to Assoc. Prof. Kristof Stasiewicz (, tel. 018-4715943), Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Box 537, SE-75121 Uppsala, and should include:

1. CV + photo.
2. A copy of the diploma.
3. A list of courses and grades from the University.
4. A letter of reference or contact to a person who can give opinion about the applicant.

The starting date for the appointment is upon agreement, but not later than 1 September 2006.

Last Application Date: 2006-04-03

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