PhD student in Space Physics

Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Uppsala, Sweden is looking for a

PhD student in Space Physics

The position related to energetic particle acceleration inside magnetic reconnection regions.

Applications are invited for a PhD student position to study energetic particle acceleration mechanisms inside magnetic reconnection. Magnetic reconnection is an important process in most astrophysical plasma environments leading to efficient, fast and often explosive-like conversion of magnetic energy into kinetic energy of plasma particles and rapid reconfiguration of magnetic topology. The new PhD student will work directly with experimental data from the international ESA multi-spacecraft mission Cluster and at a later stage data from the NASA mission MMS. The student is also expected to participate in the collaboration with KTH High Performance Computing and Visualization department where other scientists will carry out the numerical simulations of the corresponding processes.

The position is available at the Uppsala office of the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF), located at the Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala, Sweden, starting at the latest in the second half of 2014 for a total duration of four years. The PhD student will belong to the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala University and must therefore fulfill the university requirements. Information on the research education is available at and Information on research at IRF Uppsala can be found at Swedish Research Council and Uppsala University fund the position.

For further information please contact:
Dr. Andris Vaivads, e-mail:
Prof. Mats André, e-mail:

Trade union representative:
Thomas Leyser, SACO,

Closing date for applications is February 3, 2014. The application must include a letter where the applicant describes herself/himself, his/her merits and research interests as well as a CV, copies of university grades, completed theses or manuscripts and other relevant publications and references. Applications shall be sent to:
Swedish Institute of Space Physics,
Box 812,
SE-981 28 Kiruna, Sweden
or by email to:
Reference number: 2.2.1-248/13

Last Application Date: 2014-02-03

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