Lecturer: Prof. Ichimoto (Japan)
Date: 2009-03-12 13:15
Place: Aulan

The Sun as the Driver of Heliospheric Activities - New views from Hinode results

Kwasan and Hida Observatories
Kyoto University
Takayama, Gufu

The solar plasma is highly magnetized and revealing various type of active phenomena.Since the successful launch in September 2006, the Hinode has been revealing a new dynamic view of the Solar atmosphere with the coordinated set of the mission telescopes; i.e., the SOT (Solar Optical Telescope), the XRT (X-Ray Telescope) and the EIS (Extreme-ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer). The SOT found numerous small-scale transient magnetic fields prevailing over the solar surface, ubiquitous reconnections of the magnetic fields, waves and plasma ejections in the upper atmosphere, and enigmatic features of plasma clouds (prominence) suspended in the corona. The XRT discovered stationary plasma outflows (source of the solar wind) in the corona, a number of jets taking place in the polar region, and numerous small bright structures changing their brightness responding to the photospheric magnetic fields in quiet regions. The EIS confirmed the plasma outflow as a Doppler shift of coronal emission lines, and also discovered significant non-thermal (turbulent) motions of plasma in legs of the coronal loops in active regions.The new view of the dynamic sun found by Hinode mission will be presented.

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