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MUSCAD 2007 Workshop

Climate in the Nordic Subarctics: (Late) Holocene Variability
August 30-31, 2007

Organizing committee: Rickard Lundin, Henrik Lundstedt, Sarah Hansson och Stina Andersson

The workshop is an interdisciplinary meeting and a continuation of ?Climate Variability Workshop? held 2002 at Stockholm University, 2003 at Uppsala University, 2004 at Göteborg, 2005 at SMHI in Norrköping and 2006 the Geobiosphere Science Centre in Lund. The overall aim of the workshop is to bring together scientists working with different types of paleo-archives in Sweden (covering the last 2000 years) and scientists interested in using these data sets as model input or for validation of pleoclimate simulations. The workshop is open to all interested scientists, researchers and students.

The MUSCAD workshop of 2007 will be in a slightly different format from previous years, and as originally planned for. Since too few people have committed to coming to the workshop and we are passing the deadline for practical arrangements, we have decided to hold an informal climate meeting on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning (30-31 August) at IRF in Kiruna.

Participants that already agreed to attend will open a discussion about climate-variability, from Holocene to now, based on their own perspectives. Our site visit (lake Arbojaure), and the material collected there, may serve as a focus for the further discussions. Anyone interested in attending is welcome to join in and present his or her ideas. We believe this will be an opportunity to exchange ideas and get inspiration from each other.

We will waive the usual registration fee and offer you coffee and tea with our compliments and the possibility to purchase lunch at our IRF restaurant. The Workshop Dinner at IRF is cancelled and we will instead visit one of Kiruna¬īs restaurants of the participants choosing and expense.

We will proceed with the tour to lake Arbojaure on September 1:st and it promises to be exciting. Per-Jonas Blind, our guide, has already carefully scouted the site, collected some wood-samples, now being sent to Lund for examination, and taken photos of the site. He will mail us some of the photos.

The tour will take about 8 hours in total. Bring rubber boots, raincoat, warm clothes, and food (lunch). More details on location and assembly point and time (preliminary 9am) will be sent out to the participants. Anyone interested in the tour are still welcome. At this stage in time, we do not provide any guarantees about transport and accommodations. Lapland Hotel Kilpis may be able to provide you with a room. (+358 165 37761).

More information:
Sarah Hansson
Institutet för rymdfysik
Swedish Institute of Space Physics
Scheelevägen 17
S-223 70 Lund, Sweden
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