Lecturer: Stein HÃ¥land, University of Bergen, Norway
Date: 2021-11-25 10:00
Place: Online and aula

Heavy Rock and Metal in Space

Mining for iron has been going on in Kiruna for more than 100
years, and the mining activities now takes place at depths of
more than one kilometer.
But iron and rock-like material is not only available from
the ground. Recent measurements from satellite missions indicate
that iron and other heavy atomic elements also exist in space in
varying abundances. These species carry essential information
about the evolution of Earth and other planetary bodies in the
solar system. Despite this, there has so far been very little
focus on observations of ions with atomic masses higher than
oxygen in the terrestrial magnetosphere.
In this presentation, we present a survey of iron and silicon ions
in Earths geospace based on measurements from two satellite
missions. Observations indicate that most of the iron is of
solar origin, but also iron originating in the Earth's
atmosphere has been detected.

The seminar is given as hybrid seminar. See emails for connection details.

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