Lecturer: Yoshifumi Futaana (IRF)
Date: 2019-09-26 10:00
Place: Aula

Solar wind interaction with Venus upper atmosphere: 
A review of Venus Express/ASPERA-4 findings and future prospect

Yoshifumi Futaana
Swedish Institute of Space Physics

While Venus is nicknamed "Earth's twin", Venus has huge differences from the Earth. The space environment is significantly different, mainly because of the absence of an intrinsic magnetic field. In 2006, ESA's first Venus probe, Venus Express (VEX), was inserted into orbit. VEX made unique measurements in the near-Venus tail for >8 years until VEX consumed all its fuels. VEX was equipped with a plasma instrument package, Analyser of Space Plasma and EneRgetic Atoms (ASPERA-4) developed at IRF. ASPERA-4 has provided a huge amount of discoveries about the near-Venus space environment. In this presentation, we will review the findings of ASPERA-4 and formulate the open questions about the Venus–solar wind interaction.

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