Lecturer: Mathias Milz (LTU)
Date: 2018-05-31 10:00
Place: Aniara

Intercomparison of three microwave/infrared high resolution line-by-line radiative transfer codes

Mathias Milz
Luleå University of Technology

An intercomparison of three line-by-line (lbl) codes developed independently
for atmospheric radiative transfer and remote sensing | ARTS, GARLIC, and
KOPRA | has been performed for a thermal infrared nadir sounding application
assuming a HIRS-like (High resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder) setup.
Radiances for the 19 HIRS infrared channels and a set of 42 atmospheric proles
from the Garand dataset" have been computed. The mutual dierences of the
equivalent brightness temperatures are presented and the impact of dierent
continuum versions, path integration schemes and atmospheric layer discretization
is assessed. Results of this intercomparison and a discussion of reasons of
the equivalent brightness temperature dierences are presented.

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