Lecturer: X.-D. Wang (IRF)
Date: 2016-11-24 10:00
Place: Aniara

Energetic Neutrals for Space Environment Monitoring: ENSEM project

The project ENSEM comprises a comprehensive review of using Energetic Neutral Atoms (ENAs) for space environment monitoring in the solar system. The work includes:

1. Literature studies of ENAs in the solar system, including recently reported high energy ENA (HENA) production from the Sun;
2. Literature studies of ENA sensor design;
3. Feasibility study of ENA detection for space environment monitoring purposes through implementing a simple ENA production model near the Sun and interplanetary space;
4. Performance analysis of existing ENA sensors for space environment monitoring;
5. Drawing directions for optimization of ENA sensors with specification of the technology gaps;
6. ENA imaging technology roadmap definition, dedicated to space environment monitoring;
7. Mission analysis following the specified scenarios for space environment monitoring in order to define the requirements for respective missions, and mission definition to fulfill the requirement.

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