Lecturer: Moa Persson (IRF)
Date: 2016-03-10 10:00
Place: Aniara

Ionospheric composition, structure and dynamics around Venus

Venus is the most investigated planet, except from Earth, and many missions have tried to understood this Earth-like planet. The latest mission was Venus Express, which orbited around Venus in 2006-2014, in a highly eccentric orbit with a pericentre near the North Pole. The goal of this mission was to measure atmospheric structure and dynamics, plasma environment and escape properties as well as surface properties and geology. During some aerobraking campaigns the pericentre altitude was lowered to between 130-190 km, from the nominal 250 km, for in situ measurements of the properties of the upper atmosphere of Venus.

My Ph.D. project will be to use data from the Analyser of Space Plasma and Energetic Neutral Atoms (ASPERA-4) onboard Venus Express in order to investigate the ionospheric composition, structure and dynamics, with a first focus on these aerobraking campaigns. In this seminar I will present what my first goals are, and how these are related to the larger picture of the Venus-solar wind interaction.

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