Lecturer: Dr Martin Wieser (University of Bern)
Date: 2005-07-20 10:00
Place: Aniara

The IBEX-Lo Sensor on NASA's IBEX Mission

The Interstellar Boundary Explorer mission (IBEX), a mission within NASA's Small Explorer program (SMEX), will make global observations of the interaction between the solar wind and the local interstellar medium. IBEX will carry two imaging ENA sensors to make these measurements. One of them, the IBEX-Lo sensor, was developed in part at
the University of Bern. The talk will focus on the IBEX Mission design,the IBEX-Lo sensor development and on results obtained from the extensively tested IBEX-Lo sensor prototype.

IBEX is a selected NASA mission and the seminar will be a unique chance to hear about the mission and its instrumentation.

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