Lecturer: Alla Belova (IRF)
Date: 2008-09-23 10:30
Place: Aniara

Studies of planetary waves in ozone and temperature fields as observed by the Odin satellite in 2002-2007

Alla Belova
Swedish Institute of Space Physics

The results presented in this PhD thesis are mainly based on measurements collected by the advanced sub-mm radiometer (SMR) aboard the Odin satellite in 2002-2007. The primary data are series of temperature and ozone profiles in the middle atmosphere up to 68 km. These data are used to estimate global properties of planetary wave propagation in both horizontal and vertical directions. In order to extend the Odin measurements in altitude the additional data sources have been considered. These sources are temperature observations at 85-90 km obtained by the ground-based meteor radars located in the polar region in the Northern Hemisphere in Scandinavia and in Canada. Also, the series of ozone profiles from the ground-based Kiruna mm-wave radiometer, KIMRA, are used in order to compare the wave properties in ozone fields measured globally by Odin and locally by KIMRA.
The main task of this thesis is to study the 5-day planetary wave characteristics in the Earth?s atmosphere. The influence of waves on the atmospheric circulation causes, for example, substantial local departures from radiative equilibrium, observed in the winter stratosphere and close to the summer mesopause. Seasonal variations of the
5-day planetary wave properties and physical phenomena related to these variations are also studied.

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