Lecturer: René Bleisch
Date: 2008-08-20 10:00
Place: Aniara

Comparison of BUV Version 8 total ozone with groundbased Data

Main purpose of this work was to compare BUV total ozone (version 8)
with ground-based data and to assess to what extent BUV data can be used
to supplement ground-based data.

Analysis focused on ground-based (Dobson) total ozone data from Arosa
and Oxford which were compared with distance-weighted BUV-datasets (4° x
4° square) around these stations. To analyse the data, a regression
approach was used, choosing standardised difference (SD) between BUV and
ground-based data (BUV-DOB)/DOB as model statistic.

Results showed a significant dependency of air-mass. But in summary,
BUV-Datasets are reasonably good in point of view of quality and could
be used in merged datasets if there are enough values.

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