Lecturer: Ronald Scheirer (SMHI)
Date: 2009-10-01 10:30
Place: Aniara

Cloud Analysis Schemes at the SMHI Remote Sensing Group

Ronald Scheirer

The remote sensing group at SMHI's research department works mainly
with earth-bound radar data and spaceborn observations in the visible
and IR spectral bands. These satellite images are used for cloud
detection and interpretation. Our operational algorithms produce cloud
mask, cloud type, cloud-top temperature/height and precipitating
clouds, generally on a pixel basis.

This talk will give an overview on current and planned activities as
well as on the techniques used so far. The actual scheme for cloud
detection is based on dynamical (to atmospheric and surface
conditions) adapted thresholds. Future plans include the treatment of
cloud microphysical parameters like cloud optical thickness and
effective radii.

One emphasis of this talk will be put on alternative approaches to
derive these products and on potential intersections with the
Satellite Atmospheric Science Group in Kiruna.

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