Lecturer: Prof. Claude Camy-Peyret (CNRS)
Date: 2009-08-20 10:30
Place: Aniara

IASI instrument status and some early science results

aLPMAA - CNRS/UPMC/IPSL ? 75252 Paris - France

The Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer (IASI), is a key element of the MetOp payload. This presentation provides a status of the IASI instrument after more than two years in orbit. The IASI program is led by the French National Space Agency CNES in cooperation with the European Meteorological Satellite Organization EUMETSAT. Under this cooperation agreement, CNES has led the development of the instruments, is in charge of the level 1 processing and operates the IASI Technical Expertise Centre (TEC). EUMETSAT is responsible for development of level 2 processing, operations and data distribution. The instrument development was carried out by THALES ALENIA SPACE as industrial Prime Contractor. Three IASI flight models have been manufactured and delivered. IASI data are now operationally assimilated by several meteorological agencies (e.g. Meteo France, ECMWF, UK MetOffice). IASI measurements allow temperature and humidity profile retrievals at a 1 km vertical resolution with an accuracy of respectively 1 K and 10 %. Trace gases column amount (CO, CH4, N2O) are retrieved with a precision better than 10 % and 5 % for ozone. The instrument shows a very good health after more than two years of exploitation. This presentation will provide an overall update on instrument performances. Some specific aspects will be covered concerning detailed instrument characterization and scientific advances made possible by the overall extremely good behaviour of IASI in orbit.

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