Lecturer: Peter Dalin
Date: 2007-03-01 10:00
Place: Aniara

NLC observations during 2006 with an inter-continental network of digital cameras

For the first time we present analysis of observations of noctilucent clouds obtained with a network of automatic digital cameras located at opposite sides of the northern hemisphere. The advantage of this network is that cameras are ocated along the same latitude circle producing comparable measurements. We find that there is an indication of a 4-day (zonal wave number 2) and a 5-day (zonal wave number 1) planetary wave propagation influencing the formation of noctilucent clouds. At the same time bright noctilucent clouds tend to occur every successive night. We define more precisely the characteristic scale of
noctilucent clouds as equal to about 500 km.

Co-authors N. Pertsev, V. Romejko, M. Connors, I. Shelton, M. Zalcik, T. McEwan, I. McEachran,

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