Lecturer: Andreas Ekenbäck (IRF-K)
Date: 2004-11-25 10:00
Place: Aniara

Using the Flash code for MHD simulations - description of a testcase.

The seminar will describe the open source project FLASH and
modifications done to the Flash code which make it possible
to use it as an MHD simulation tool. The Flash code is a parallel application, written mainly in Fortran90, developed
at University of Chicago. It uses the PARAMESH library to
implement an adaptive computational grid. To investigate the
possibility of using the Flash code as a general MHD
simulation tool, a test case - the interaction between the solar wind and a comet - has been implemented and the seminar will present this implementation and the results therefrom. The possibility of generalizing the simulations to any object in the solar system will also be discussed.

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