Lecturer: Sabrina Schnitt (Cologne University)
Date: 2024-02-15 10:00
Place: Aniara

Novel radar observations of Arctic clouds and water vapor

Sabrina Schnitt
University of Cologne

The Arctic climate is changing at fast pace. While clouds play a central role in the large picture of Arctic amplification, processes regarding their impact and evolution are not fully understood and challenging to quantify. Advancing this understanding requires high temporally and spatially resolved, continuous observations of not only clouds, but also precipitation and water vapor in the remote Arctic environment.

My talk will review recent observational efforts performed within the AC3 collaborative research center. I will in particular focus on the contribution of cloud radar measurements to recent findings. Based on first insights of the currently ongoing HAMAG campaign (, I will highlight the expected added value of novel high-frequency G-band radar observations to the current suite of measurements. These measurements enable simultaneous cloud and water vapor profiling measurements from ground- and air-borne Arctic supersites, a gap in current observations, and will lead to new insights and understanding of the Arctic water cycle.

The seminar is also online. See emails for connection details.

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