Lecturer: Hans Nilsson (IRF)
Date: 2021-06-17 10:00
Place: Online

Ion escape at Mars and Earth compared

Hans Nilsson
Swedish Institute of Space Physics

Co-authors: Audrey Scillings, Mats Holmström, Stas Barabash, Gabriella Stenberg Wieser, Yoshifumi Futaana

We present ion outflow data from Mars Express IMA spanning more than one solar cycle. We discuss the dependence of the outflow rate on the solar cycle and compare with data from the strong solar maximum of the Phobos mission. We then proceed to compare this with the ion outflow observed at Earth using the Cluster spacecraft. We discuss the similarities, differences and the role of the geomagnetic field of Earth. We highlight the role of ionospheric convection bringing fresh plasma into the outflow region of magnetised planets, and show some Incoherent Scatter radar data of what the initial up flow looks like.

The seminar is given completely online. See emails for connection details.

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