Lecturer: M. Yamauchi (IRF)
Date: 2010-03-25 10:30
Place: Aniara

Foreshock and Planetary Size: a Venus-Mars comparison

M. Yamauchi
Swedish Institute of Space Physics

One important difference between the fluid and space plasma is the single particle effect that arise from the collision-free nature of the space above the ionosphere. Foreshock ions (backstreaming ions from the planetary bow shock) is one such plasma phenomena that manufest single particle motions (or finite gyroradius effect) near the bow shock whereas the bow shock itself is described under the fluid concept. Since the ratio of the bow shock size and the gyroradius of the solar wind is quite different between planets (some 3-4 time difference between the Earth and Venus, and between Venus and Mars), comparison of the foreshock ions between different planet is useful to understand the single particle effect. With the identical ion instrument IMA, Mars Express and Venus Express data show that foreshock ion signature of Venus is similar to that of the Earth, but quite different from that of Mars. The similarily and differences will be presented.

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