Lecturer: M. Yamauchi et al.
Date: 2017-05-30 10:00
Place: Aula

Geomagnetic measurements in Nordic countries

Yamauchi and 5 other speakers

The geomagnetic field is changing much fast then what many people believe. For example, the magnetic north pole has moved from about 79┬░ in 1990 to 87┬░ in 2015 (over 1000 km in 25 years), and commas in Kiruna is now pointing north instead of deflected to west by about 5┬░ 20 years ago. To understand such changes in the geomagnetic field, and to correctly measure the disturbed field that is caused by ionospheric disturbances (space weather), geomagnetic observation by different observatories must keep the same quality for long time. Importance of such measurement and keeping quality is not diminished even after the magnetic satellite flies for accurate absolute measurements.

Since the measurement instrument and staff are changing, staff at geomagnetic observatories in Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, and Denmark including Greenland) gathers together every two years to keep the measurement quality, for nearly 100 years. This time, the meeting is held in Kiruna, and we take opportunity to briefly introduce different observatory by staff from each countries.

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