Lecturer: Evgenia Belova (IRF)
Date: 2006-11-23 10:00
Place: Aniara

Atmospheric turbulence: theory and application to the EISCAT and MST radar measurements of Polar Mesosphere Summer Echoes (PMSE)

Evgenia will start with an overview of the atmospheric turbulence theory and models related to the mesosphere: energy and dissipation ranges, spatial spectrum of turbulence etc. I address several questions/issues like: 1) how one can measure turbulence by means of radars; 2) radar refractive index as a passive tracer of turbulence, 3) the spectrum of a passive tracer for different relationship between air viscosity and electron diffusivity. Then She will then apply the theory to the PMSE observation with three radars: the EISCAT VHF (224 MHz) and UHF (933 MHz) radars, and the ALWIN MST (53.5 MHz) radar, in order to check whether PMSE are due to turbulence or not.

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