Lecturer: Rita Edit Kajtar (LTU)
Date: 2019-09-19 10:15
Place: Aula

Retrieval of strato-mesospheric horizontal wind profiles in the polar region using the Doppler shift of the 231.3 GHz ozone emission spectral line

We aim to characterize polar strato-mesospheric horizontal wind profiles based on the Doppler shift recorded in the millimeter wave emission spectrum of the ozone line at 231.3 GHz.
The need for investigating mid-stratosphere to mid-mesosphere wind profiles between 30 and 75 km altitude comes as a consequence of the scarce existent number of monitoring techniques that can be used to verify existent meteorological models and theoretical datasets for this region of the atmosphere. To this objective, we are using the ground-based millimeter wave radiometer KIMRA, situated at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Kiruna, Sweden.
In this investigation, we will perform the wind profiles retrieval by using the Qpack package and the Atmospheric Radiative Transfer Simulator (ARTS) as forward model. Furthermore, while carrying out the measurements, we intend to assess the technical capabilities of KIMRA regarding possible improvements of the instruments performance.

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