Lecturer: Grigory Nikulin
Date: 2004-10-28 10:00
Place: Aniara

Internal-gravity and Rossby waves

Motivations for this seminar came from the Geophysical and
Environmental Fluid Dynamics summer school (Department of Applied
Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge) which I
visited in September. Internal-gravity and Rossby waves are common
waves in oceans and the atmosphere but have different restoring forces
and scales. The restoring force for Rossby waves is the variation with
latitude of the Coriolis force while for internal-gravity waves it is
the gravity force. In the atmosphere these waves transfer momentum
from the troposphere to the stratosphere and mesosphere influencing
the atmospheric circulation on different temporal and spatial scales.
I will give a theoretical background for both kinds of waves in
combination with very good visualizations from laboratory experiments
and computer demonstrations that I have done in the summer school.ERROR: Success

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