Lecturer: A. Yurgens (MC2, Chalmers University of Technology)
Date: 2006-02-23 14:40
Place: Aulan

Micro-nano-technology & research at Chalmers

Introduction to micro- and nanotechnology for possible space applications.

A. Yurgens (MC2, Chalmers University of Technology)

Micro- and nanotechnology have had tremendous development during the last ten years broadening the field of applications in many directions. The industry is intensively pushing the critical device dimensions down to the nanometer scale. This would not have been possible without progress of thin film technology, nanoprocessing, and material science. While the nano- and thin-film technology are largely associated with microelectronics, there are numerous and growing novel applications in communication, optical electronics, data storage, etc. Carbon- nanotubes-reinforced materials for space crafts, nano-robotics, micro-crafts, and integration of micro/nanosensors for life support equipment and environmental monitoring systems are example areas where nanotechnology is much likely going to affect the development of space systems as well.

The lectures will give an introduction to modern nanoscale thin-film technology, characterization techniques and emerging thin film materials and applications. The goal is to present material- science aspects and some physical principles of nanoscale technology in such a way as to help students understand the link between Processing-Structure-Properties-Performance of various devices.

Short Review of Materials Science & Vacuum Technology
Thin-Film Evaporation Processes (physical-vapor deposition, sputtering, pulsed-laser deposition, chemical vapor deposition)
Plasma and Ion Beam Processing
Thin-Film Nucleation & Epitaxy; Film Microstructure; Characterization Techniques
Interdiffusion, Reactions, and Transformations in Thin Films
Specific Properties of Thin Films and Micro-devices
Photolithography and e-beam Lithography; Emerging Patterning Technologies
Micromachining, LIGA technique and MEMS Devices

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