Lecturer: Susmita Mohanty
Date: 2005-10-10 12:30
Place: Aulan

Life in Zero-G!

We, on Earth take a lot for granted -- gravity, atmospheric pressure, natural illumination and the entire gamut of colors that it brings us! Life in zero gravity is very different. This lecture, by Zero-G Designer -- Susmita Mohanty, will tell you how and why. It will be a peek into what it takes to live and work in zero gravity -- the joys and challenges, the fun and the frustrations of life in earth orbit.

The speaker will compare and contrast the American approach to the Russian approach of not just designing spaceships? but also living life? off the planet. She will begin the lecture with an introduction to the architecture and interiors of the American Space Shuttle and the Russian space station Mir. She will then go on to highlight various habitability and human factor issues such as food, sleep, work, recreation, exercise, hygiene, noise, odors, and others -- using anecdotes and crew debriefs from real missions.

The talk will conclude with some highlights of the International Space Station (ISS), currently under construction in earth orbit.

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