Lecturer: Arne Jernelöv
Date: 2011-04-27 10:00
Place: Aulan

Amazonia - The future world where women rule

This is the title of a book in which Prof. em. Arne Jernelöv presents an unexpected but most likely future scenario. A scenario which both men and women don't really can see although it is already waiting around the corner. Probably our personal identity is so much connected to our gender role(s) that we we simply cannot imagine another order than the one we are used to.
However what is called the women rights movement is a 100-year long trend that has spread almost all over the world, with different strength and speed, admittedly, but unmistakable and presumably unstoppable.

During history men's dominance over women has been based on two basic biological facts: Men are stronger and women give birth. Laws, rules and tradition have then seen to that this dominance was secured - until it started to crack. Suffragettes and other early feminists succeeded in that women got the right to own their own money, to vote in elections and being eligible for elections, the right on school education and to take on jobs.

Through all these changes a process was started that we now can observe blooming. Women have the majority of voters in all UN-countries and thus the power in democratic societies to abolish all laws and rules that discriminate them. This already happens in high speed all over the world, with the scandinavian countries in the lead while the arabic and the poorest african societies limp after. Social conventions are more sluggish but even there the direction of the movement is unequivocal and obvious.

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