Lecturer: Dr Carol Norberg (Department of Space Science)
Date: 2005-05-19 10:00
Place: Aula

The International Space University (ISU)

The Swedish Institute of Space Physics is an affiliate campus of the International Space University, which has its headquarters in Strasbourg, France. In this presentation a short history of the International Space University will be presented together with details of its activities today. The university runs a summer session, lasting approximately two months, the location of which changes from year to year. In addition, it runs two master's programmes at its main campus in Strasbourg. The theme running through the programmes given are that they are international, intercultural and interdisciplinary. It also runs space-related courses of shorter duration. The university has a number of affiliate campuses spread around the world which have varying levels of interaction with the main campus. Many of the affiliate campuses are themselves universities and one direct benefit for students at these affiliate campuses is that they are eligible, if recommended by the affiliate, for a 50% discount on the normal summer session programme fee.

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