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PAST Solar Terrestrial Physics SEMINARS

  1. 2018-05-23 Daniel Kastinen (IRF), Determining all ambiguities in direction of arrival measured by radar systems
  2. 2017-10-12 Daniel Kastinen (IRF), Meteors and Celestial Dynamics: Solar system dynamics and population, meteors and radars
  3. 2017-10-05 Urban Brändström (IRF), ALIS_4D and the relation to EISCAT_3D and IRF Observatory
  4. 2017-08-31 Masa-yuki Yamamoto (KUT), From a small local university to space: Introduction of our laboratory's challenges at KUT, since 2003, this decade, and future plans.
  5. 2017-05-30 M. Yamauchi et al., Geomagnetic measurements in Nordic countries
  6. 2017-04-06 Tima Sergienko (IRF), BROR - barium release optical and radio rocket experiment
  7. 2017-01-12 Lars Eliasson (IRF), Infrasound activities and collaboration with Umeå university
  8. 2016-12-08 M. Yamauchi (IRF), A mission proposal to ESA's M5 call: ESCAPE (European SpaceCraft for the study of Atmospheric Particle Escape)
  9. 2016-11-17 Futaana Yoshifumi, SELMA, a scientific mission to the Moon proposed as ESA M5 mission candidate
  10. 2016-09-29 Johan Kero (IRF), The October Draconid meteor shower
  11. 2016-09-15 Masatoshi Yamauchi (IRF), Satellite mission proposals using EISCAT_3D
  12. 2016-08-25 Shinsuke Abe, NIHON University, Tokyo, Making Artificial Meteors
  13. 2016-06-23 Tima Sergienko (IRF), Observations of radio-induced optical emissions at 557.7 nm and 630.0 nm during the EISCAT-Heating experiment with pump frequencies above and near the fourth gyro-harmonic
  14. 2016-06-02 Michiko Morooka (IRF), The electron density of Mars' magnetosphere obtained by MAVEN
  15. 2016-04-28 Urban Brändström et al. (IRF), Observatory talks and discussion
  16. 2015-11-26 Urban Brändström (IRF), Absolute confusion, Rayleighs and radiance
  17. 2015-06-04 B. Olsthoorn (The Hague), Long-term analysis of geomagnetic disturbances
  18. 2014-01-24 Henrik Lundstedt (IRF Lund), Solstormar: Observationer, rymdväderseffekter och prognoser - populärvetenskapligt seminarium
  19. 2013-11-01 Katarina Axelsson, Studies of auroral processes using optical methods
  20. 2012-01-12 Tima Sergienko (IRF Kiruna), Multi-station optical study of substorm breakup auroral arcs
  21. 2011-11-11 Rikard Slapak (IRF, Kiruna), O+ Heating in the High Altitude Cusp and Mantle Due to Wave-Particle Interaction
  22. 2009-10-22 Dr. Andreas Keiling (SSL), Vortical structures in the magnetosphere and ionosphere, their relationships and effects: THEMIS observations
  23. 2009-08-17 Prof. Okano (Tohoku U), Development of the Japan-Hawaii-Europe Telescope Dedicated to Observation of Planets at Haleakala, Hawaii
  24. 2009-08-17 Dr Sakanoi (Tohoku U), Fine scale auroras and sprites seen by the Reimei satellite
  25. 2009-07-02 Solène Lejosne, Investigation of the characteristic energy of the auroral electrons based on ALIS observations
  26. 2009-03-12 Prof. Nakamura (Japan), Japanese Plan for Solar System Explorations
  27. 2009-03-12 Prof. Ichimoto (Japan), The Sun as the Driver of Heliospheric Activities - New views from Hinode results
  28. 2009-02-19 M. Yamauchi (IRF), Magnetospheric solitary structure maintained by 3000 km/s ions as a cause of westward moving auroral bulge at 19 MLT
  29. 2008-12-17 Satoshi Kimura (Tohoku), Observation plan for flickering aurora using high-speed CCD camera at Esrange, Sweden
  30. 2008-12-17 Takanori Nishiyama (Tohoku), The source regions and a mechanism obtained by REIMEI observations
  31. 2008-11-20 Tima Sergienko (IRF), Modelling of Optical Emissions Enhanced by the HF Pumping of the Ionospheric F-Region
  32. 2008-10-23 Yoshimasa Tanaka (NIPR), Reconstruction of precipitating electrons by the Generalized Aurora Computed Tomography
  33. 2007-08-30 , MUSCAD 2007 Workshop
  34. 2006-02-22 Prof. em. Bengt Hultqvist, Viking 20 år
  35. 2005-11-07 Sachiko Arvelius, Energization and Acceleration of Dayside Polar Outflowing Oxygen (Pre-Defense)
  36. 2005-10-27 Dr Masatoshi Yamauchi, Sub-keV ring current ions as the tracer of substorms
  37. 2005-10-18 Prof. Rickard Lundin (IRF), Planetary magnetic fields and solar forcing - critical aspects for the evolution of the earth-like planets
  38. 2005-06-02 Dr Yasuhide Hobara (IRF-Kiruna), High altitude oxygen outflow and subsequent low frequency wave activities: A case study
  39. 2005-04-21 Sachiko Arvelius (IRF-K), Statistical study of relationships between high-altitude and high-latitude O+ ion outflows and solar/geomagnetic activity
  40. 2005-04-14 Dr Tima Sergienko (IRF-Kiruna), Auroral arc modulation caused by the powerful HF ionosphere heating
  41. 2005-03-31 Dr Masatoshi Yamauchi (IRF-K), Oxygen Injection Events observed by Freja Satellite
  42. 2005-02-24 Dr Hans Nilsson (IRF-Kiruna), Incoherent scatter radar observations in the vicinity of dayside auroral arcs: the role of ionospheric feedback

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