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  1. 2019-12-05 Moa Persson (IRF), Hot plasma in the Venusian upper ionosphere - 6 months left of my Ph.D. project
  2. 2019-11-28 Susanne Haggelin, Magnus Lindskog, SMHI, Numerical Weather Prediction at SMHI and use of Aeolus HLOS winds
  3. 2019-11-21 Mikael Granvik, LTU, Understanding the unexpected destruction of near-Earth object
  4. 2019-09-19 Rita Edit Kajtar (LTU), Retrieval of strato-mesospheric horizontal wind profiles in the polar region using the Doppler shift of the 231.3 GHz ozone emission spectral line
  5. 2019-09-05 Hirahara (Nagoya), Some recent results from the ERG observations in the inner magnetosphere and current status of the FACTORS mission for magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling mechanisms
  6. 2019-03-28 Sandra Vázquez Martin (LTU), Ground-based in-situ measurements and shape classification of natural snow crystals and snowflakes in Kiruna
  7. 2019-03-14 Veronika Wolf (LTU), Arctic cirrus clouds over northern Sweden: microphysical properties studied with the Balloon-borne Ice Cloud particle Imager B-ICI
  8. 2019-03-12 Philipp Wittmann (IRF), JDC – First Light
  9. 2018-11-08 Martin Wieser, With BepiColombo to Mercury
  10. 2018-10-16 Dr. Rigel Kivi, Atmospheric measurements at Sodankylä
  11. 2018-10-11 Asta Pellinen-Wannberg , Sista seminariet
  12. 2018-06-15 Dr. Bernd Kaifler (DLR), The PMC-Turbo balloon mission to explore atmosphere dynamics in the mesopause region
  13. 2018-04-20 Joan Stude, DLR, ROMARA -ROcket-borne MAss spectrometer for Research in the Atmosphere
  14. 2017-06-22 Evgenia Belova (IRF), EISCAT Tri-Static Observation of Polar Mesosphere Winter Echoes and what will be better with EISCAT_3D
  15. 2016-12-15 P. Dalin, Studies of lunar and solar tidal periodicities at the summer mesopause by using measurements of Polar Mesosphere Summer Echoes
  16. 2016-11-03 Etienne Behar, IRF, Rosetta observations of the birth and growth of a solar wind cavity around a comet
  17. 2016-09-22 Peter Völger (IRF), Waves in Polar Stratospheric Clouds, a case study
  18. 2016-09-01 Sheila Kirkwood (IRF), Extreme Solar Particle Events - are we ready for one?
  19. 2016-05-26 Evgenia Belova (IRF), EISCAT tri-static observation of polar mesosphere winter echoes on 8 January 2014
  20. 2016-05-19 Audrey Schillings (IRF), Ion escape during extreme events - Cluster observations
  21. 2016-03-08 P. Preusse, S. Gisinger, I. Krisch, Forschungszentrum Jülich and DLR, Germany, Gravity wave measurements in the frame of the GW-LCycle project
  22. 2016-02-25 Robin Ramstad (IRF), The Sun-Mars coupling - Implications for atmospheric evolution
  23. 2016-02-04 Björn-Martin Sinnhuber and Hermann Oelhaf, on behalf of the POLSTRACC Team, The Polar Stratosphere in a Changing Climate (POLSTRACC) - Overview and First Results of the Aircraft Campaign -
  24. 2015-12-17 Peter Dalin (IRF), Observations of unusually long wave crests in noctilucent clouds: the upper tropospheric jet stream as a source of atmospheric gravity waves
  25. 2015-12-10 Carl-Fredrik Enell (EISCAT), EISCAT observations of ionospheric effects of space weather events
  26. 2015-10-08 Takayoshi Yamada, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Survey of sprite events with SMILES atmospheric composition observation
  27. 2015-09-24 M. Yamauchi, Nitrogen and Oxygen Budget ExpLoration (NOBEL)
  28. 2015-09-03 Oleg Godin, CIRES and NOAA, Atmospheric waves: recent developments in theory and understanding of their origin
  29. 2015-03-12 M. Kriegel (DLR), Activities of the working group Ionospheric Effects and Corrections
  30. 2015-01-19 Joachim Jansen (Utrecht), Microphysics of Aerodynamic Condensation

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