1. 2020-04-02 10:00 Xiao-Dong Wang (IRF), TBD
  2. 2020-04-23 10:00 Rita Kajtar (LTU), TBD
  3. 2020-04-30 10:00 Angele Pontoni (IRF), TBD
  4. 2020-05-07 10:00 Shimoyama Manabu (IRF), TBD
  5. 2020-05-28 10:00 Mats Holmström (IRF), TBD
  6. 2020-08-27 10:00 Shahab Fatemi (IRF), TBD


  1. 2020-03-26 Evgenia Belova (IRF), TBD
  2. 2020-03-05 Peter Völger (IRF), Validation of Aeolus wind measurements with groundbased radar observations
  3. 2020-02-27 Andrii Voshchepynets (IRF), Sounder Accelerated Particles at Mars: Observations, Mechanism, and Applications
  4. 2020-02-25 Sofia Bergman (IRF), The effect of spacecraft charging on low-energy ion measurements around comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
  5. 2020-02-20 Daniel Kastinen (IRF), The intricacies of an analysis pipeline for meteor measurements by radar
  6. 2020-02-06 Gabriella Stenberg Wieser, What is happening to Betelgeuse - will it become a supernova very soon?
  7. 2020-01-30 Martin Wieser (IRF), One year on the lunar surface
  8. 2020-01-24 Kanika Garg (LTU), Autonomous Navigation System for High Alltitudes Ballons ANSHAB
  9. 2020-01-23 Yoshifumi Futaana (IRF), Chasing water in the Solar System: Exploration of the Moon, Mars, Venus, and the Jupiter system
  10. 2020-01-16 Philipp Wittmann (IRF), Evolution of the pressure in space instruments during their mission on the example of JDC
  11. 2020-01-09 Tikemani Bag (IRF), Modeling N2 1PG auroral emission
  12. 2019-12-12 Peter Dalin (IRF), Stratospheric balloon-borne observations of noctilucent clouds
  13. 2019-12-05 Moa Persson (IRF), Hot plasma in the Venusian upper ionosphere - 6 months left of my Ph.D. project
  14. 2019-11-28 Susanne Haggelin, Magnus Lindskog, SMHI, Numerical Weather Prediction at SMHI and use of Aeolus HLOS winds
  15. 2019-11-21 Mikael Granvik, LTU, Understanding the unexpected destruction of near-Earth object
  16. 2019-11-14 Chris Cully (Calgary), Ground and balloon-based techniques for monitoring energetic electron precipitation
  17. 2019-10-24 M. Yamauchi (IRF), Low-energy plasma-neutral gas interaction in space: a Voyage 2050 White Paper theme
  18. 2019-10-22 Rickard Lundin (IRF), Magnetized Cosmic Plasma Acceleration Processes
  19. 2019-10-17 Hans Nilsson (IRF), Physics of a comet magnetosphere
  20. 2019-10-15 Sennersten and Lindley (CSIRO), Australia space programme and asteroid mining
  21. 2019-10-10 Uwe Raffalski, IRF, Open-path mid-range remote sensing techniques for GHG emission fluxes – A suitable approach to improve up-scaling of spot measurements?
  22. 2019-10-03 Masaki N. Nishino (JAXA), Our current understanding of the lunar plasma environment
  23. 2019-09-26 Yoshifumi Futaana (IRF), Solar wind interaction with Venus upper atmosphere: 
A review of Venus Express/ASPERA-4 findings and future prospect
  24. 2019-09-19 Rita Edit Kajtar (LTU), Retrieval of strato-mesospheric horizontal wind profiles in the polar region using the Doppler shift of the 231.3 GHz ozone emission spectral line
  25. 2019-09-12 Daniel Kastinen (IRF), The use of test particle distributions in solar system small body dynamics

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