1. 2024-05-28 10:45 Maximilian Wecker (IRF), Commissioning and Characterization of Charge Conversion Particle Sources
  2. 2024-05-30 10:00 Daniel Kastinen (IRF), Between the papers: Planning, ECSS, projects, vision, students, productivity, ???
  3. 2024-06-13 10:00 Tima Sergienko (IRF), TBD
  4. 2024-06-20 10:00 Johan Kero (IRF), TBD
  5. 2024-09-05 10:00 Urban Brändström (IRF), TBD
  6. 2024-09-12 10:00 Manabu Shimoyama (IRF), TBD
  7. 2024-09-19 10:00 Martin Wieser (IRF), TBD
  8. 2024-10-03 10:00 Stas Barabash (IRF), TBD


  1. 2024-05-23 Robin Ramstad (LASP), State-transitions in atmospheric ion escape from Mars revealed by MAVEN and Mars Express measurements
  2. 2024-05-16 Peter Völger (IRF), Preparations for validation of EarthCARE
  3. 2024-04-25 Stefan Schröder (LTU), Water Ice in Permanently Shadowed Craters on Ceres, or, How Science Works
  4. 2024-04-18 Thomas Maynadié (IRF), Investigating the Structure of Lunar Mini-Magnetospheres using the SARA Instrument Package
  5. 2024-04-11 Anja Möslinger (IRF), 3.5 years of studying low-activity comets: exploring the details of comet - solar wind interaction through observations and modelling
  6. 2024-03-28 Yoshihiro Yokoyama (IRF), Motions of neutral and ionized barium clouds in the low-altitude ionosphere: the BROR experiment
  7. 2024-03-19 Gerd Baumgarten, Dynamics above the Epicentre of Climate Change: Coupling in the atmosphere up to the Edge of Space
  8. 2024-03-18 Mariko Teramoto, Introduction to CubeSat/Rocket projects and space weather research at Kyushu Institute of Technology
  9. 2024-03-07 CAESAR team, The Cold Air Outbreak Experiment in the Sub-Arctic Region (CAESAR): Overview, Weather Patterns, and Instrumentation
  10. 2024-02-29 Richard Johansson (IRF), New ozone retrieval routine used on measurements with KIMRA, and results from winter 2023-2024
  11. 2024-02-15 Sabrina Schnitt (Cologne University), Novel radar observations of Arctic clouds and water vapor
  12. 2024-02-08 Gabriel Borderes Motta (IRF), May a comet dynamically capture and keep meteoroids?
  13. 2024-02-06 Aleena Patel, Can a biologist fix a space probe?: Concept tools and open questions in building an organism
  14. 2024-01-25 Jake Montgomery (SwRI), Solar Wind Interactions at Jupiter’s Magnetopause: A Study of Magnetic Reconnection and Kelvin-Helmholtz Instabilities
  15. 2024-01-23 Roger Clay, Exploring the Universe with ultra-high energy cosmic rays recorded at the Pierre Auger Observatory

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