Real-time all-sky data

The Kiruna All-Sky camera started for the fall season 2020-08-17. The camera was replaced (from Nikon D700 to Sony α7s) We are working on improved webpages and apologise for any problems during September 2020.

Latest picture from the Kiruna All-Sky camera

FINLAND Latest image from the Kiruna all-sky camera NORWAY
Geomagnetic coordinates. More about image orientation. (Click in the image for higher resolution)

Latest movie

Latest keogram

Keogram for Kiruna allsky camera
Latest keogram from Kiruna allsky camera (Click in the keogram for weekly keogram).

This page refreshes automatically every minute.

The links below only accesses data until spring season 2020 ended. We are working to update the archives for the new instrument. In case of urgent requirements for allsky data please contact Urban Brändström.

PI: Urban Brändström
Last update: 2020-09-21