Kiruna magnetogram

Real time

Follow the geomagnetic development in real time! (NB! Absolute values are shown in the graphs. The data is not yet processed and may contain man-made signals. Real values in processed data (latest processed data 2024-06-17 11:06:36). Solar quiet curves shows the normal or quiet state for the magnetic field when not disturbed by solar storms. The development of quiet curves from 1978 can be seen here: Quiet curves 1978-).

Kiruna (68°N)

Data from 2020-12-01. Go to Secondary magnetometer (current backup magnetometer) for data from 1990-01-01. To check K index from 1962 go to K index page. More data can be found here.

K-index calculation algorithms:
IH = Ingemar Häggström method
FMI = Finnish Meteorological Institute method

Tormestorp (56°N)

Data from 2018-09-19. Archive.
Log book Tormestorp
Tormestorp magnetometer
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ACE magnetogram
Tormestorp magnetometer
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Kiruna Secondary Magnetometer Pulsation measurements Kiruna Primary Magnetometer
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Total field measurements
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3d plot magnetic field Kiruna Lycksele SGU magnetometer
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Lycksele magnetometer data
ACE magnetometer
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Digital realtime data

Log book Kiruna

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