Solar System Physics and Space Technology

All SSPT Personnel
Title Name Telephone E-mail ( Position
Mr. Herman Andersson+46 980 79034herman.anderssonTechnical Group Executive Manager
Professor i rymdfysik Stas Barabash+46 980 79122stas.barabashFöreståndare
PhD student Sofia Bergman+46 980 79005sofia.bergmanDoktorand
Mr. Andreas Edström+46 980 79055andreas.edstromEngineer
Dr. Shahab Fatemi+46 980 79106shahab.fatemiScientist
Assoc. Prof. Yoshifumi Futaana+46 980 79025yoshifumi.futaanaAssoc. Prof.
Master Student Shashikant Gupta+shashikant.guptaMaster Student
Assoc. Prof. Mats Holmström+46 980 79186mats.holmstromAssoc. Prof.
Mr. Leif Kalla+46 980 79016leif.kallaSystem Programmer
Mr. Stefan Karlsson+46 980 79029stefan.karlssonResearch Engineer
PhD student Mate Kerenyi+46 980 79002mate.kerenyiResearch engineer
Software Engineer Robert Labudda+4698079003robert.labuddaProgrammer
Mr. Charles Lue+46 980 79044charles.lueScientist
Mr. Bengt-Ove Martinsson+46 980 79001bengtove.martinssonTechnician
Dr Maike Neuland+46 980 79107maike.neulandVisiting Scientist
Mr. Magnus Oja+46 980 79179magnus.ojaResearch Engineer
Mr. Jonas Olsen+46 980 79041jonas.olsenResearch Engineer
Forskningsingenjör Rikard Ottemark+4698079043rikard.ottemarkResearch engineer
Ms. Moa Persson+46 980 79108moa.perssonPhD Student
PhD Student Angele Pontoni+46 980 79079angele.pontoniPhD Student
Dr. Manabu Shimoyama+46 980 79086manabu.shimoyamaScientist
Research engineer Atakan Sirin +46 980 79046atakan.sirinForskningsingenjör
Dr. Gabriella Stenberg Wieser+46 980 79014gabriella.stenbergScientist
Mr. Johan Svensson+johan.svenssonResearch Engineer (on leave)
Dr. Andrii Voshchepynets+46 980 79176andrii.voshchepynetsPostdoc
Dr. Xiao-Dong Wang+46 980 79008wangScientist
Dr. Martin Wieser+46 980 79198martin.wieser Scientist
PhD Hayley Williamson+46 980 79010hayley.williamsonPhD
PhD Student Philipp Wittmann+46 980 79073philipp.wittmannPhD Student

Former SSPT employees
Title Name Telephone E-mail ( Position
PhD student Etienne Behar+46 980 79103etienne.beharPhD Student
Masters Student Laura Bercic+46 980 79044laura.bercicMaster Student
Mr. Magnus Emanuelsson+46 980 79035magnus.emanuelssonResearch Engineer
Mr. Magnus Emanuelsson+46 980 79035magnus.emanuelssonResearch Engineer
Mr. Viktor Hultstedt+46 980 79035viktor.hultstedtResearch Engineer
Mr. Jesper Lindkvist+46 980 79124jesper.lindkvistPhD Student
Prof. Emer. Rickard Lundin+rickard.lundinProfessor Emeritus
Mr. Kjell Lundin+46 980 79000kjell.lundin 1:st Research Engineer
Post doc Kei Masunaga+46 980 79010kei.masunagaPost doc
Mr. Juha Talonen+46 980 79036Juha.TalonenResearch Engineer

Adress: Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF)
PO Box 812,
SE-981 28 Kiruna,
Phone: +46 980 79000
Fax: +46 980 79050

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