1. 2018-09-06 10:00 Moa Persson (IRF), TBD
  2. 2018-09-13 10:00 Evgenia Belova (IRF), TBD
  3. 2018-09-27 10:00 Shahab Fatemi (IRF), TBD


  1. 2018-06-15 Dr. Bernd Kaifler (DLR), The PMC-Turbo balloon mission to explore atmosphere dynamics in the mesopause region
  2. 2018-06-14 Gabriella Stenberg Wieser (IRF), Modelling PEP operations at Jupiter
  3. 2018-06-08 Audrey Schillings (IRF), O+ outflow during geomagnetic storms observed by Cluster satellites
  4. 2018-05-31 Mathias Milz (LTU), Intercomparison of three microwave/infrared high resolution line-by-line radiative transfer codes
  5. 2018-05-30 Vinay Simha and Rahul Narayan (TeamIndus), Lunar mission by TeamIndus
  6. 2018-05-24 Mats Holmström (IRF), Mars Express and ASPERA-3 celebrates 15 years at Mars
  7. 2018-05-23 Daniel Kastinen (IRF), Determining all ambiguities in direction of arrival measured by radar systems
  8. 2018-05-17 M. Yamauchi (IRF), Mass-loading energy extraction from the solar wind to the planetary system for additional ion escape
  9. 2018-05-03 Steven J. Cooper (Utah), Characterization of Snowfall Properties at Haukeliseter, Norway, through a Combined Radar and In-Situ Microphysical Observation Approach
  10. 2018-04-20 Joan Stude, DLR, ROMARA -ROcket-borne MAss spectrometer for Research in the Atmosphere
  11. 2018-04-12 Tima Sergienko (IRF), Enhanced incoherent scatter plasma line in the various auroral forms
  12. 2018-03-22 Angéle Pontoni (IRF), The Jovian Neutrals Analyzer
  13. 2018-03-08 Etienne Behar (IRF), New results on the solar wind dynamics through the atmosphere of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
  14. 2018-03-01 Veronika Wolf (LTU), Shape, size, and concentration of ice particles in Kiruna's cirrus clouds
  15. 2018-02-22 Peter Völger (IRF), Observing cirrus by lidar - some challenges

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