SRS (Svenska Rymdforskares Samarbetsgrupp) annual meeting, Kiruna, 15-16 March 2018

Svenska Rymdforskares Samarbetsgrupp 2018

The annual SRS meeting in 2018 will be held at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) in Kiruna, Thursday-Friday 15-16 March 2018. More information about Svenska Rymdforskares Samarbetsgrupp (in Swedish).

As usual, there is no registration fee.

We are happy to invite you all to Kiruna and IRF.

Meeting programme
The meeting schedule is adjusted to take account of flight arrivals and departures.

The meeting starts at 11:00 (coffee and registration from 10:30) on Thursday, 15 March, and it ends with lunch at 12:15 on Friday, 16 March.

There will be bus transport to IRF for participants arriving with the SAS flight at 9:55 on Thursday morning.

Registration form
Register for the meeting HERE (no later than Friday 2 March 2018)

Submission of poster abstracts
Take the chance to show your lastest results in the form of poster at the meeting. You submit your contribution in the registration form, where you also give the title. The poster boards are rather small. Maximum size will be posted here soon.

Meeting agenda
Only invited speakers as decided by the SRS committee.

This year’s invited speakers are:

Magnus Ivarsson: Microfossil atlas for upcoming Mars missions

Mark Pearce (KTH): POGO+
Elvire De Beck (Chalmers): Molecules in AGB stars with Herschel

Atmospheric physics
Thomas Kuhn (LTU): Balloon observations of clouds
Kristell Perot (Chalmers): Observations of middle atmospheric processes

Earth observations
Oleg Lupikov (Chalmers): Digital Beamforming Focal Plane Arrays for Space-Borne Passive Ocean Remote Sensing
Lars Eklund (Lund): Remote sensing from ground to satellite for monitoring vegetation dynamics

Micro-gravity and life science
Maria Jönsson (KTH): Gravitational Effects on Body Loading during Strength Training
Jan van Stam (Karlstad U.): Morphology in Blend Films for Organic Solar Cells – What Can Microgravity Conditions Add to Understanding?

Solar System
Jan-Erik Wahlund (IRF-Uppsala): Cassini – the great results and the grand finale
Shahab Fatemi (IRF-Kiruna): Modelling of airless bodies in the Solar System and comparison with observations

Space plasma
Timofei Serguienko (IRF-Kiruna): Artificial aurora - is it possible? (Results of the HF ionosphere modification experiments)
Emiliya Yordanova (IRF-Uppsala): Satellite observations of multi-scale plasma phenomena in the near Earth space

The meeting will take place at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics. The institute is located at the Kiruna Space Campus, 6 km south of the city centre along the E10 highway.

Bus transport will be arranged from Kiruna C to IRF and back both days.

From Kiruna C:
Thursday: 09:45 (via airport for the SAS 09:55 arrival.)
Friday: 08:00

From IRF:
Thursday: 18:15
Friday: 13:30 (via airport for the SAS departure at 14:15).

Car parking
If you arrive by car, please follow available instructions or ask in the reception or at the registration desk where to park.

Visit Esrange
It is possible to visit Esrange the day before the meeting, on the afternoon of the 14th of March. You sign up for this trip when filling in the registration form. There is a dedicated bus transport available from Kiruna C at 13:00, which will pass the airport (picking up those arriving with the SAS flight at 13:10) and IRF. Note that if you choose to go to Esrange with the bus there is an associated cost of 200-300 SEK (depending on number of participants). Note also to be allowed to visit Esrange you have to provide your Swedish national registration number (personnummer) or your passport number. Registration for the Esrange visit is binding.

Visit IRF
If you have not yet seen the secrets of the Swedish Institute of Space Physics in Kiruna, now is your chance. If you arrive early on the day before the meeting (14 March) you can enjoy a one-hour tour of the facilities at 11:00. It is possible to have lunch at the institute afterwards and join the Esrange tour in the afternoon. The bus to Esrange passes IRF on the way to Esrange (ca 13:30-13:45).
If you prefer to stay after the meeting you have a second chance of getting to know the institute after lunch on Friday (16 March) at 13:30. Sign up for the tours when registering.

Conference dinner
On Thursday night there is a joint dinner, courtesy of the Swedish National Space Board, SNSB. The location will be Scandic Ferrum (se link below, under Accommodation).

Travel grant application
SNSB intends to support a number of PhD students for travel and accommodation. The deadline for applications is 22 February. Please provide the following information to Johan Köhler, SNSB ( with “SRS travel grant” in the subject header:
Name of applicant:
Name of supervisor:
Short motivation for attending the meeting:
Cost estimate for travel and accommodation:
Title of the Poster you intend to present:
Contact details:
Name and contact details to person responsible for invoicing:

Kiruna attracts a lot of tourists and the available accommodation is limited so make sure you to book your room in good time. Some alternatives are Bishops Arms, Scandic Ferrum, STF Malmfältens Folkhögskola, Hotel Kebne, SPiS Hotel & Hostel, Camp Ripan and Hotel Arctic Eden. More suggestions can be found on Kiruna Lappland's web page.

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