Swedish Space Plasma Physics Meeting, Kiruna, 14-15 February 2017

The Swedish Space Plasma Physics meeting (once known as the IRF-KTH meeting) will take place in Kiruna on 14-15 February 2017.

More details will follow, but we start after lunch on the first day and continue until lunch the following day. Further splinters are encouraged for those with more things to discuss.

There will also be more details later about the format, but as usual there will be group presentations. We will also have a theme with a few selected talks on "Observations of small scale phenomena - Rosetta and MMS results”.

Preliminary Programme

Tuesday 14 February, IRF Aula

14:00-14:10 - Organizational matters, H. Nilsson

14:10-14:40 - IRF RPF overview, M. André

14:40-14:50 - IRF STP overview, L. Eliasson

14:50-15:20 - IRF SSPT overview, S. Barabash

15:20-15:50 - Coffee

15:50-16:20 - KTH Overview

16:20-16:30 - Umeå overview, Maria Hamrin

16:30-16:50 - Leg stretcher, discussion

16:50-17:05 - Tomas Karlsson, Lower hybrid waves observed with Rosetta, and also some from MMS

17:05-17:20 - Etienne Behar, Formation of a solar wind cavity around comet 67P

17:20-17:35 - Daniel Graham, The role of waves in magnetic reconnection: MMS observations

17:35-17:45 - A. Tjulin, Status update on EISCAT

17:45-18:20 - 2 minute science talks (one per project, one speaker can give several short presentations, but they will not be consecutive)
- N. Ivchenko, SPIDER
- S. Buchert, Status of the Swarm mission and its LP
- S. Aol, Irregularities and scintillations at East Africa
- H. Nilsson, Ion environment of comet 67P
- G. Stenberg Wieser, High time resolution ion observations at comet 67P
- E. Odelstad, Spacecraft potential of Rosetta
- L. Bercic, Asymmetries in the ion environment of comet 67P
- G. Nicolau, Energy-angle dispersed ion distributions at comet 67P
- H. Nilsson, Oxygen ion response to proton bursty bulk flows
- A. Schillings, Atmospheric escape during major geomagnetic storms
- D. Rojas-Castillo, Mass composition of escaping ions at Mars
- L. Roth, Detection of a hydrogen corona at Jupiter moon Callisto
- M. Persson, Hot plasma in Venus upper ionosphere
- F. Johansson, Langmuir Probe Photoemission at 67P
- Y. Futaana, Energetic neutral atoms for space weather monitoring
- A. Bader, Unstable ion distributions around Venus
- Y. Futaana, ENSEM - ENA and space weather

Wednesday 15 February

Science talks

9:00-9:15 - Hirahara, Japanese formation flight auroral mission and ERG

9:15-9:30 - Mats Holmström, Hybrid modeling of the Moon, Mars, Comets, Ceres, Ganymede, Callisto and Exoplanets

9:30-9:45 - Maria Hamrin, Energetics of the bow shock

9:45-10:00 - L. Roth, Constraints on Io’s interior from auroral spot oscillations

10:00-10:30 - Coffee

10:30-10:45 - Robin Ramstad, Drivers and energetics of Martian atmospheric ion escape

10:45-11:00 - Erik Vigren, Ion-neutral interactions in a cometary coma +follow up splinter on ion transport in cometary coma

- Splinter on small scale phenomena

- Splinter on Japanese formation flight mission

After lunch:
- Splinter on ion transport in the plasma sheet

More information: Hans Nilsson, IRF, hans.nilsson*, tel. 0980-79127

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