Swedish Space Plasma Physics Meeting - 17-18 March 2014 in Kiruna

Swedish Space Plasma Physics Meeting 2014

The annual Swedish space plasma physics meeting (aka IRF-KTH meeting) will take place 17-18 March in Kiruna, lunch to lunch for the main meeting, with possible further splinters after lunch on 18 March.

We will as usual provide a brief overview on the activities in the different groups. After that we will have a focussed session on plasma heating and acceleration processes in different plasma environments in the solar system. Emphasis will likely be on Earth because that is where we have the most detailed measurements, but we should try to keep the context as universal as possible.

See below for more details.

Convenor: Hans Nilsson, IRF Kiruna

UPDATED AGENDA for the meeting:

Monday 17 March

14:00 Welcome, organizational matters (Hans Nilsson)
14:05 Welcome to IRF, brief news (Lars Eliasson)
14:10 IRF STP overview (Lars Eliasson / Masatoshi Yamauchi)
14:30 News from EISCAT
14:40 KTH overview (Göran Marklund / Tomas Karlsson)

15:00 Coffee break

15:30 Guest lecture: Susanne Höfner "Introduction to the physics of stellar winds"
15:50 IRF PAF overview (Evgenia Belova)
16:00 IRF Uppsala overview (Andris Vaivads)
16:20 Umeå overview (Maria Hamrin)
16:30 IRF SSPT overview (Stas Barabash / Mats Holmström)
16:50 LTU Kiruna space physics overview (Rikard Slapak)
17:00 Simulation activities in the SSPT program (M. Holmström)

17:10 Leg stretcher

17:20 Splinters

18:00 End of first day

Tuesday 18 March

9:00 Horizon2020, M-scale missions and other proposal matters (please inform me if you have material for this)
9:30 Making data from old satellite missions available for use
9:40 Observatory overview (Urban Brändström)

9:50 Coffee break

10:20 Short talks (about 5 minutes):
- Daniel Graham, "Electron holes and electron heating at the dayside magnetopause"
- Laurianne Palin, "Substorms and dipolarisation fronts"
- Mats André "Cold ions in magnetospheres"
- M. Yamauchi, "Extremely low solar activity started 2004"
- A. Kullen, "Transpolar arcs"
- H. Nilsson, "Comparative proton and oxygen ion motion in the Earth's magnetotail"

Splinters (suggestions):
- Rosetta science (Hans Nilsson) - to be merged with Astrophysical outflow?
- Preparing for Maven (Robin Ramstad)
- Physics of plasma boundaries, methods and possibilities (Gabriella Stenberg, D. Graham, S. Toledo-Redondo)
- Plasma transport and energization in the Earth's magnetotail (Maria Hamrin, Laurianne Palin)
- Solar cycle effects on large and small scale magnetospheric physics (Yamauchi)
- Perpendicular fast flows and their relation to possible magnetic field untwisting in the Earth's magnetotail (T. Pitkänen)
- Astrophysical outflow (Susanne Höfner, Hans Nilsson, Mats André)

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