Swedish Space Plasma Physics Workshop, Uppsala, 25-26 Feb 2015

This meeting is held to help facilitate collaborations between space physics groups in Sweden as well as provide information on ongoing research. During the meeting a brief overview of the activities in the various space physics groups will be provided. After that we will have a focused session on new missions with Swedish involvement with some longer presentations, followed by shorter science presentations (max 5 min) and splinter meetings on various hot topics. Some emphasis this year will be on Rosetta, but we should try to keep the topics as universal as possible. A preliminary schedule is provided below.

You are all welcome to contribute with suggestions for splinter meetings as well as to give short science talks. Especially PhD students and young researchers are encouraged to contribute!

Date: 25-26 Feb 2015

Location: Room 4005 (Wednesday), 80101 (Thursday), Ångströmlaboratoriet, Uppsala

Fee: It's free.

Registration: Please send an email to with name and the dates you will attend. Also indicate if you would like to give a short (max 5 min) presentation on your research.

Other: The annual Celsius and Linné lectures will take place in the afternoon of Feb 26 (

Final agenda:

Wednesday 25 February
Location: room 4005, Ångström Laboratory
10:00 Welcome to IRF (Mats André)
10:05 Welcome, organizational matters (Niklas Edberg)
10:10 IRF RPF (Mats André)
10:30 IRF STP overview (Hans Nilsson)
10:50 KTH overview (Göran Marklund)
11:10 IRF SSPT overview (Stas Barabash)
11:30 Umeå overview (Maria Hamrin)

11:45 Lunch

Location: room 4005, Ångström Laboratory
13:00 Guest lecture on Rosetta: Björn Davidsson, Uppsala Universitet,
Rosetta/OSIRIS at Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
13:30 Comet 67P from RPC-ICA (Hans Nilsson)
13:50 Comet 67P from RPC-LAP (Anders Eriksson)
14:10 First results from Swarm (Hermann Opgenoorth)
14:30 Science preparation for MMS (Yuri Khotyaintsev)

14:50 Coffee break

15:10 Short science talks (max 5 minutes)
Gabriella Stenberg - Solar wind precipitation on Mars and Venus
Dave Andrews - The ionosphere of Mars, studied with Mars Express
Andris Vaivads - Turbulence Heating ObserveR – THOR
Ilka Engelhardt - Plasma and dust regions around Enceladus
Lorenz Roth - Hubble observations of Europa’s water vapour plumes
Elias Odelstad - Early evolution of the plasma environment of Comet 67P from Rosetta S/C potential measurements
Niklas Edberg - Impact of corotating interaction regions on comet 67P
Rikard Slapak - O+ escape into the terrestrial dayside magnetosheath
Mats André - Outflow of low-energy ions and the solar cycle
Hermann Opgenoorth - International collaboration on space weather

16:30 End of first day

Thursday 26 February
Location: room 80101, Ångström Laboratory

09:00 More 5 min science talks
Sergio Toledo - Low energy ions and Hall field in asymmetric reconnection
Elin Eriksson - Magnetic Null identification in Cluster data
Daniel Graham - Whistler and electrostatic solitary waves produced by asymmetric reconnection
Cecilia Norgren - On the generation of slow electron holes by ion-electron instability
Laurianne Palin - Current system associated with small dipolarization fronts
Hermann Opgenoorth - ECLAT
Emilia Yordanova - STORM
Hugo Breuillard - Small-scale turbulence in Earth's magnetosheath : on the nature of kinetic-scale magnetic fluctuations
Timo Pitkänen - Estimating the response time of magnetotail twisting to IMF variations
Love Alm - From top to bottom - Electron density profile of the auroral density cavity
Andreas Johlander - Ion injection at quasi-parallel shocks

10:00 Splinter organization

10:15 Coffee break

10:30 Splinters

- Rosetta science (Hans Nilsson/Anders Eriksson)
- Swarm science (Stephan Buchert/Hermann Opgenoorth)
- Mars' ionosphere (David Andrews)
- Estimating the response time of magnetotail twisting to IMF variations (Timo Pitkänen)
- Magnetic Nulls in the Earth’s magnetotail (Elin Eriksson)
- Ion injection at quasi-parallel shocks (Andreas Johlander)

Splinter meeting rooms:
Å80101, 10:30-12:00
IRF project room, 10:30-12:00 (House 8, 3rd floor)
Freja room, 10:30-12:00 (House 8, 4th floor)
Celsiusroom, 10:30-16:30 (House 6, 3rd floor)
Southern kitchen, 10:30-16:30 (House 1, 4th floor)

End of meeting

More information: Niklas Edberg,

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